We have derived Innovative Policies through our 25 Years’ experience in the local security industry.

We ensure our clients a dedicated & value for money service that, not only improves on the Security of their assets, clients, personnel and profits, but additionally projects a superior image and seriousness of their business.

AVACOR is the reliable and expert partner to ensure the safety of your organization.

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Labour being our primary “raw material”, it is therefore our main source of concern.

Applicants’ data are collected (Certificate of Character, Passport Photos, I.D Cards, Proof of address, Education etc.) and a family and career history drawn prior to consideration for employment.

Avacor strictly enforces the Private Security Act 2004 & Regulation 2008, whereby only Police Certified candidates are retained for employment.

Security Guards which will be assigned to your site will only be chosen amongst the best experienced Security Guards available on the local market. We strive not to employ personnel with less than 2 years of continuous experience in Security. We achieve attracting qualified labour as a result of our Salary Policy.

We employ adequate Manpower to cater for the replacement in the event of any absenteeism, allowing for a Replacement Factor of 30% i.e., for every 3 security guards sold, a fourth man is being provisioned.

Although we endeavour to generally employ Security Guards with experience in the Security field, we run two categories of Training Programs.

Our Standard Training Course and a Specific Training Course which is a Client orientated training course for fully fledge Security Guards and aims at acquainting our Security Guards with all new sites of work prior to taking over its Security. The sessions are unique and are based on the security requirements of a particular site where Services are to be rendered, thus curtailing the risks of any disruption or degradation of the Client Security.

We are convinced that, being given the very sensitive nature and responsibilities attached to our trade, we need to remunerate well our Personnel so that they receive a decent Salary, allowing for adequate living conditions.

We pride to offer the most generous salaries within the Security Industry.

Daily Supervision patrol visits are enforced outside normal working hours. All our patrol vehicles are tracked through GPS ensuring systematic supervision visits of all our sites. The Supervision Patrol Visits are geared towards Security Guards management, appraisal, and attendance certification.

Despite our enhanced Salary Policy and the value-added benefits offered to our Clients, our rates still compare favorably to what is offered by other comparable security service companies.

Required Documents

Birth Certificate
National ID Card
4 Passport Photos
Proof of Address (CEB or CWA bill)
Valid Morality Certificate
Bank Account Details